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THE HEALTH ATTITUDE (excerpt from: Self-Unfoldment)
By John Richardson

From "The Great School of Natural Science"

In endowing men and women with the emotions of Anger and Fear, and then making those emotions so universally and unpleasantly destructive to physical health, is Nature, or the Great Creative Intelligence, just?

If Nature, or the Great Creative Intelligence, had gone no further, there might be sufficient cause for questioning. But whatever Intelligence is responsible for bringing Man into existence did not stop there. (Let us call it "Nature.") As suggested, Nature did not stop with simply bringing Man into existence and endowing him with destructive emotions, such as Anger and Fear. If she had made no further provisions than these, she might well be suspected of injustice. But, thank goodness, she went further than that. She endowed Man with the Power of Will to control these, and every other destructive emotion. She thereby placed the responsibility exactly where it belongs - on Man himself.

By so doing Nature bestowed upon Man, through the Power of Will, the ability to control each and every destructive emotion, and thus deprive it of its destructive power over him. She went still further, and made it possible for Man to transmute each and every destructive and unpleasant emotion into a constructive and pleasant experience.

Through the Power of Self-Control Nature made it possible for Man to change his emotion of Fear, or Anger - the one into cheerful confidence and the other into cheerful kindliness - and thus deprive them of their destructive and unpleasant character, and convert them into constructive and beneficent experiences. All she asks of him is that he learn her laws of Health; and obey them, if he would avoid their penalties for disobedience. If he would prevent Disease and its destructive and unpleasant consequences, all he need do is to exercise the degree and quality of Self-Control necessary to change his attitude of Soul, or condition of mind, from destructive into constructive lines.

How can you accomplish such a change? By fixing your attention upon the change you desire to make in your attitude of Soul, or condition of mind; and then by exerting your Will Power in the line of your attention.

Suppose your present destructive attitude of Soul is that of Worry (a phase of Fear). You desire to change it to the constructive attitude of cheerful confidence. Fix your attention on cheerful confidence. Then exert your Will in the line of your attention. Make the Personal Effort to realize within yourself the attitude of cheerful confidence. In a very few minutes you will begin to realize that you have nothing to worry about. Soon you will experience a feeling of Cheerfulness, and confidence that "things are coming out all right."

The result will be that you will thus change your attitude of worry to that of cheerfulness and confidence. The cause of your illness (worry) being thus removed, and a constructive attitude substituted for it, you will begin to improve immediately. It is simply a matter of whether you will or not. Nature puts it squarely up to You. You can go on worrying and suffering until you die; or, you can become cheerful and confident and experience the joy of living in good health.

Futhermore, here is something for you to learn: Nature has provided that you develop, unfold, and grow in the direct line of your Attention and Personal Effort. If your attention is fixed on what you call your "worries," your Personal Effort will be along that line; and you will go backward and downward into deeper distress, suffering, ill health, and finally to a miserable and wretched death. Or, if your attention is fixed on the opposite goal, and your effort is to realize it, you will develop, unfold, evolve, and grow in that direction. You will become cheerful and confident of yourself; and you thus will give Nature a chance to exercise her Constructive Process in restoring you to good health and making it possible for you to enjoy life.

If anyone should tell you that you would suffer from cold by dressing in a thin summer suit of clothes, and then going out into a winter storm with the temperature at 10 degrees below zero, you would not doubt his statement. In fact, you would accept it as the literal truth; because you would know that universal experience of mankind proves it. In like manner, if someone should invite you to come in out of the winter storm, into a warm and comfortable room where the temperature is 90 degrees, you would not waste any time in doubting the truth of his statement that you would soon thaw out and become quite comfortable. Why? Because you would know that his statement was in accord with the common experience of mankind. You would know that its truth had been demonstrated by personal experience so often that no room for doubt was left.

These statements are not theories. They are positive facts. They have been demonstrated over and over, until there is no element of uncertainty about them.

If an intelligent and honest man should tell you that one who harbors Fear constantly, or whose attitude of Soul is that of perpetual Worry, will surely bring on himself liver trouble, nervous debility, indigestion, constipation, and other debilitating complications that will cause physical suffering and possible death, you would have no just cause to doubt the truth of his statement; because it has been proven by the thousands upon thousands of men and women throughout the history of humanity.

Then suppose he should tell you that such a sufferer could be relieved of all his suffering if he would exercise sufficient Self-Control to overcome his fears and banish all his worries, thereby substituting a constructive attitude of Soul that would permit Nature to restore normal conditions within the physical body; you still would have no just cause to question the truth of his statement, because its absolute truth has been proven, times without number, by the actual personal experience of just such sufferers.

What is more convincing and conclusive than actual human experience? Nothing. Especially is this true where the same personal experience has been repeated, over and over, until its reliability is established beyond all question.

And thus we are able to formulate the following "therapeutic axiom," which it is hoped you will analyze, digest, assimilate, and appropriate, as if it were your own personal discovery:

Any disease or physical ailment which is the direct and definite result of a destructive attitude of Soul, or mental state, may be entirely relieved and cured, if the sufferer will exercise sufficient Self-Control to eliminate the destructive attitude of Soul, or mental state, and substitute the refor a constructive attitude of Soul, or mental state, which is its psychological opposite.

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