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Financial Planning

To successfully manage your money there are a few basic things you need to do:
  • Pay yourself first - save 10% of all gross income.
  • Open your mail when it comes.
  • Pay your accounts on time.
  • Keep cash receipts of all your expenditures.
  • Only use a credit card if you are willing to pay it in full when it comes due.
  • Prepare a financial plan for your financial independence.
  • Know your risk-reward tolerance!
Getting out of debt makes it a little easier to save money.
Educate Yourself on Money Matters
  • Principles of Risk Management.
  • Personal Insurance.
    • Life
    • Homeowners or Renters
    • Auto
    • Medical, Disability, Long-term Care
    • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Investment Planning
    • Learn to evaluate a wide variety of investment.
    • Tax Considerations
    • Economic Factors
    • Risk and Return Analysis
    • Valuation Methods
    • Asset Allocation
    • Portfolio Performance
  • Income Tax Planning
    • Income Taxation
    • Tax implications of various types of businesses
    • Planning for the acquisition and disposition of property
    • Tax Advantaged Investments
    • Family Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
    • Employee Benefits
    • Personal Tax-deferred Retirement Programs
    • How to calculate the annual savings needed to achieve retirement goals.
    • Government Sponsored Plans
    • Qualified and Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
  • Estate Planning
    • Long-term Goals
    • Federal Estate Taxation
    • Gift Taxation
      • Specific Exclusion
      • Valuation Methods
    • Wills
      • Intestate
      • Probate Process
    • Trusts
    • Property Ownership
    • Will Substitutes
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Puget Sound Fishing
  Trolling or jigging for that elusive Puget Sound Salmon is what "Life in Des Moines"
  is all about.  Whether you are trying to catch that big 30 pound Wild King Salmon
  or that beautiful Bright Silver it is definitely a rush.  We have many days of fishing,
  in the spring and summer there is the Chinook run and fall brings the Sockeye, Coho,
  Chums and Pinks.  But wait the year is not over in the winter there is the Winter
  Blackmouth.  But don't get in trouble check the Home Page for the fishing regulations
  for the right times to drop your line.
                         Thank you for visiting
                                    Marsha Lane the Captain of the "Express"
                                                        "Catch a Big One!"

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