Article #12

Armed and mysterious in Puget Sound Puget Sound is home to the world's largest octopus, the giant Pacific octopus, which is also the world's largest invertebrate, meaning it has no bones. The biggest known giant Pacific octopus was 600 pounds and... more

Article #11

WANTED! DEAD OR ALIVE! Northern Pikeminnow "A Ruthless Salmon & Steelhead Killer!" Studies have found that an adult pikeminnow (formerly called squaw-fish)can devour as many as 15 salmon or steelhead smolts a day! The series of... more

Article #10

The Maury Island UFO Case A majority of the incidents surrounding UFO's deal with a fairly simple premise. Someone, somewhere reports a sighting of unknown origin. A brief investigation is made and under "normal" circumstances, the story... more

Article #9

All sorts of salmon. Your market may offer up to a half-dozen kinds of salmon. often, you can use different kinds interchangeably, but sometimes your recipe, your budget, or the occasion may point to using a... more

Article #8

See Spot Boat "But I don't WANT to go on the boat." If your beloved pooch or kitty will be a regular companion on boating outings, here are some tips that will make your day on the water safe and enjoyable for all... more

Article #7

Is Your Boat Ready to Fish? Pre-season Maintenance Tips That trusty vessel that served so reliably all last season may have acquired some peculiarities over the winter. Whether it's the bitter winter winds of Bristol Bay or the damp air at... more

Article #6

STRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA HALIBUT Late spring is halibut time for many Northwest saltwater anglers, especially those who fish Washington's Strait of Juan de Fuca. The halibut fishery here traditionally opens... more

Article #5

Corrosion in Marinas - The Hot Dock You keep your boat in a crowded marina and there's a lot of talk about corrosion and bad wiring. It's all the marina's fault, right? Not necessarily, and the reason why is due to... more

Article #4

PUGET SOUND SALMON Puget Sound sport salmon fishing takes place in an ever-changing environment. Conditions vary hourly due to tide and current fluctuations... more

Article #3

PowerPro Advantage Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge. We begin with ultra-strong braided Spectra® Fiber, then use Enhanced Body Technology™ to create... more

Article #2

VHF Radio: How To Use, Make Calls, & Assist Others The VHF Radio can be a lifesaver for boaters (and offshore anglers)...but only if you know how to use it properly. Have you ever owned a piece of equipment on your boat that you knew was essential but never... more

Article #1

On the West Coast of North America, winter means winter steelhead. Officially known as Oncorhynchus mykiss, steelhead, whether the summer or winter variety, are the fish of mystique on the winter swollen rivers of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. more

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