Article #12

Humor therapy is the art of using humor and laughter to help heal people with physical or mental illness. The benefits of humor therapy were acknowledged as far back as the... more

Article #11

Picture of Hurricane Isabel Taken From a Ship. The eRumor includes one or sometimes two pictures of strange looking cloud formations said to be of Atlantic Hurricane Isabel in September of 2003. Truth or Fiction?... more

Article #10

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The Tragedy of "Sudden Wealth Syndrome". An alarming new problem is striking Americans under 40: Sudden Wealth Syndrome. San Francisco psychologists Mark Goldbart and Joan DiFuria recently identified this neurosis after... more

Article #9

When the Seas of Life Get Stormy, how can you stay shipshape and ride the waves? You're the CAPTAIN of your ship. Being empowered means having a deep sense of confidence that you can take charge and handle whatever comes up. And every good captain has... more

Article #8

Dreamspeak (study of dreams indicates their effect on our daily lives) Dreams are a theater of the emotions, where we play out the day's dramas that were left "be continued."... more

Article #7

Boating and Fishing Attitude This research provides in-depth understanding of recreational boaters and anglers by examining their attitudes, perceptions and ideas about boating and fishing. The primary... more

Article #6

THE HEALTH ATTITUDE (excerpt from: Self-Unfoldment) In endowing men and women with the emotions of Anger and Fear, and then making those emotions so universally and unpleasantly destructive to physical health, is... more

Article #5

Crying: A Great Stress Reliever Who can forget Kapil Dev weeping copiously during a primetime interview with the BBC as accusations of match-fixing were flung on him? India's greatest sporting icon cried inconsolably irrespective of the... more

Article #4

Happiness is Within You Have you ever wondered why some people wake up in the morning as chirpy as the busy birds outside the window? While others wake up grumpy. Ever wonder why some people seem... more

Article #3

Very good advise from an attorney A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company: The next time you order checks have only your initials (instead of first name) and last name put on them... more

Article #2

Your Mental Attitude-Misfortune Up to the age of 55, the life story of Miguel Cervantes, the great Spanish writer, reads like a classic story of failure. He lost his arm in a naval engagement while serving his country. His previous ... more

Article #1

Keep your chin up I'm an optimist. In fact, we're so optimistic in our home we have snooze buttons on our smoke alarms. You've probably heard of the guy that walked up to a little league game, and noticed on more

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