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Boating and Fishing Attitude Segmentation Study
By Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

From Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

Boating and Fishing Attitude Segmentation Study - Abstract

Objectives: This research provides in-depth understanding of recreational boaters and anglers by examining their attitudes, perceptions and ideas about boating and fishing. The primary means of achieving this end involves the identification of boating and fishing consumer segments. These segments are based on: attitudes toward fishing and boating; lifestyles and psychographics; and, fishing and boating behavior.

Methodology: This research consisted of a two-phase research program. First, focus groups were conducted in diverse geographical locations across the US. A mix of anglers and boaters – current and lapsed – were included in the groups. Groups were conducted with both men and women. The findings from these groups provided the foundation for the second phase of the research: a national online survey (n=1,828). Participants in the survey were current, lapsed and prospective recreational anglers and boaters, both men and women.

Findings: Current and prospective anglers and boaters can be differentiated into four distinct market segments. Leisure Seekers are differentiated by the premium they place on rest, relaxation and freedom from responsibilities that can be experienced through leisure and recreational activities. They can find these rewards in boating and fishing. They view and appreciate these activities as not requiring a high level of skill. They seek freedom and independence through boating and fishing. Thoughtful Loners prefer activities that are slow, relaxing and restful, but that also give them a sense of accomplishment and a chance to use their brains and develop skills. And, they often prefer to participate alone in leisure and recreational activities. Boating and fishing meet some, but not all, of the needs of Thoughtful Loners. Thoughtful Loners appreciate the slow paced, restful and relaxing experience that can characterize boating and fishing. But, they do not view either boating or fishing as providing a sense of accomplishment and challenge – both important leisure and recreational needs for this group. The third segment places utmost importance on the family and, consequently, is labeled “Family Folk.” Family Folk have a natural fit with the current image and perceived experiences of boating and fishing. These activities let them spend time with their families and children – this alone is reason to participate. The fourth segment is named “Thrill Seekers” because these anglers and boaters pursue recreational and leisure activities that get their adrenaline pumping. They look for challenges, exhilaration and excitement. For these boaters, boating provides exhilaration, excitement and a sense of independence. The fit with fishing is, however, a harder stretch for Thrill Seekers. The exhilaration and excitement that they seek seem to be lacking in fishing.

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